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Step 1: Check your scallops are fresh - a strong fishy smell is a sure sign they're past their best


Step 2: Scallops should hopefully be still alive, or not long dead, when you shuck them, so give the shell a good tap - it should start to close up or remain closed


Step 3: Hold the shell's hinge (the straight edge) between your thumb and forefinger and press the scallop down onto a table for stability.


Step 4: Insert a sharp knife into the small gap at the side of the shell close to the hinge.


Step 5: Press the knife against the inside of the flat shell wall and sweep the blade down from top to bottom. You should feel it cutting across the muscle that holds the shell shut.


Step 6: Open the flat shell and twist the other side off.


Step 7: Use a spoon to loosen the contents and lift out. The scallops should come away from the shell with the skirt, muscle and coral. Remove the skirt and the muscle and the coral if preferred.


Step 8: Visually inspect each scallop after initial rinsing to make sure all the viscera has been removed and trim if necessary.


Wash the shucked, rinsed, inspected and trimmed scallops again, this time in free running clean tap water for at least 10 minutes, agitating

them frequently. Don’t cut corners. They will take on a small amount of water, this cannot be avoided. They can be firmed up by placing on

an absorbent surface (kitchen roll, etc.) for 10 –20 minutes in the fridge.

This video was kindly made by Sue & Duncan Lucas you can find a wealth of information about them at their website www.passionateaboutfish.co.uk

Method 1

Method 2